How to get there

The Mandhara Chico is located in Anturan in the district Buleleng, approximately 3 kilometers away from Lovina Central as well as about 6 kilometers from Singaraja. From the airport in Denpasar it is a trip of approximately 3 hours across the island to arrive at Anturan.

With pleasure we organize you a transfer from the airport in Denpasar. Send simply an e-mail with the day and time of your arrival as well as your flight number to You will receive a confirmation from us within a few days. For luggage inclusive up to 4 people the trip costs about 50€.

Of course you can also organize the journey by yourself. To get to the Mandhara Chico you drive about 3 hours from Denpasar across the island until Singaraja. From there you take the main road toward Gilimanuk (harbour to Java). After approximately 6 km you will arrive in Anturan. On the left side is a gas station. The opposite road Kubu Gembong leads to the sea. You are welcome to ask for further directions to the Mandhara Chico in the first shop at the corner on the left side at Niluh. They will take you on a tiny way on the right hand to the accommodation, passing the house of the owner Komang Budiarta.

Also from Lovina Central you reach Anturan in approximately 3 km. The drivers of public transports on the distance Singaraja – Gilimanuk and in the reverse direction, which so-called Bemo (minibuses with seats lengthwise the driving direction) well-known Anturan, so that you can get off there unproblematically.

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