Activities & Tourservice

Bali is an island, which wants to be discovered and everyone, who is interested in unknown cultures, can discover it in his own way.

Of course there is also the organized tourist Bali, which is to be found in the folders of different travel offerers. And perhaps for the entrance in Southeast Asia it is not the worst method. If you want to desire deeper views into Bali`s culture, this place far away from the mass tourism in the north of the island is a good starting point.

Mandhara Chico Tourservice
From Mandhara Chico you can visit all places and objects of interests in Bali. Please don`t hesitate to contact us locally.

Selection of the tourservice:

  • transport to and from the airport
  • dolphin-watching
  • diving
  • snorkeling
  • trekking
  • traditional fishing with a Balinese fishing boat
  • Git-Git waterfall
  • Gunung Batur trekking
  • Ubud
  • Gunung Agung trekking
  • Lovina-area with hot springs (air panas) and buddhist temple
  • ricefields
  • vegetable-, fruit-, fish- and meatmarket
  • monkey-temple
  • Lake Bratan
  • trips to Java and Lombok

    You are welcome to ask Komang Budiarta, the owner of the Mandhara Chico, anything, he will always try to make anything you wish for possible. He gives instructions for trips which have to do with ceremonies and how you visit these in the best way. If you are uncertain he will organize you company or will accompany you himself.

    For example last time we walked a jungle path which led across stick, stone and knee high water to some waterfalls.
    The restaurant belonging to the Mandhara Chico has a direct access to the sea. There you will look in vain for beach life with bars and music. Instead chicken pick in the sand, fisherboats lie ready and dogs roam the area. To the right and left you can undertake beautiful walks before all at ebb-tide and get impressions of the Bali people´s typical way of life.
    In part the fields reach up to the beach, but there are also small restaurants with refreshments and who likes to learn about contrasts, can visit one of the dollar hotels for coffee and cake…
    Singaraja has a Chinese temple, a market building with fruit, vegetable, poultry, clothing… everything very originally and in the first floor rodents refresh themselves at noon… not necessarily something for tender minds.

    As characteristic is to be noted that also for pedestrians left-hand traffic is valid and vehicles always have the right of way.

    The village Anturan is on the left side of the main street and is worth a detailed walk in the first days. The large Banyan tree at the crossing offers opportunity for hours to take views into the village life. You can be sure you won`t stay 5 minutes by yourself… Pedestrians of all ages are on the way and try with some pieces of English to get in touch with you. And this is not for making business, but usually with curiosity and astonishment. In each direction of the village route there are typical houses and farmsteads, also small shops which you are welcome to look at because they hold things ready for the daily needs of the inhabitants.
    Parallel to the beach runs a small village route which is inhabited mainly by fishers and their families. The nets are arranged and the boats are prepared for the night drive.
    In the morning shortly before sunrise and after the return of the fishermen, trips take place on the sea, in order to observe dolphins. You may as well go for some snorkeling to the offshore reef or enjoy the morning air on the water.
    Should you get homesick, a few kilometers away on the main street in the direction of west, there is a touristic infrastructure with a German baker’s shop which offers canned sauerkraut.
    From there it is also not far to the “hot springs” and the Buddhist temple in the mountains (both together or depending upon your daily form as individual daily routes to walk).
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